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High Fashion Sole Repair & Protection

Before you wear a new pair of heels (or after light wear), we can install custom-made ultrathin soles, called SolePros®, on top of the original leather or rubber sole.


These soles are purposefully designed to be thin and stylish, come in many color choices (including mirrored Christian Louboutin red), and do not take away from the cosmetic look of the fashion heel or pump.


They'll give you 5 times the use of the original sole, which means you can wear your heels out and about and not worry about sole wear for a really, really long time. As a bonus, they provide excellent traction and extra soft comfort while you’re walking. 

soleguards sole repair and protection 1
soleguards sole repair and protection 2
soleguards sole repair and protection 3
soleguards sole repair and protection 4
SoleGuard Color Choices

Our ladies Sole Protectors are available in several colors. Men’s sole protectors are only available in black and oak colors. The mirror style sole protectors have a smooth, glossy reflective finish when new; they will dull down as they’re worn and scuffed up. You can view our video about sole protectors to learn more.

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