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Protect Your Original Soles with Invisible Sole Protection

Using sole protectors on your brand-new shoes and boots increases the life of your soles exponentially. The trouble is, sole protection often covers the original sole, and if you love the way your leather and rubber soles look – the color and tread – you may be hesitant to cover it up.

The good news? Shoe protection does not have to be noticeable when you choose clear sole protectors. Now you can keep your original sole and make sure it lasts!

Clear sole protectors, or SolePros, are custom-made, ultrathin soles placed on top of the original sole – no matter the material or style of shoe. These soles are purposefully designed to be thin, stylish, and completely unnoticeable, so they do not take away from the cosmetic look of your new shoes.

Clear SolePros give you up to 5 times the lifetime of the original sole, which means you can wear your shoes, boots, and sneakers out and about and not worry about sole wear for ages. As a bonus, they provide excellent traction and extra soft comfort while you’re walking.

Our cobblers recommend that you get clear Sole Pros installed right after you purchase new shoes and before you wear them (or after very light wear) for optimal protection (and good looks!).

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