I just purchased some very nice , pricy, swede fringe boots for myself yesterday.... I was so excited to wear them... I'm a hairstylist so hair color is involved... I had two huge nasty black color stains that got on the top of my boot;( BRAND NEW!!!;(

I called one store and they told me because they were a burnt orange color there was nothing that could be done;( I then called cobblestone shoe hospital and Corey said "bring them in and I'll take a look! " I arrived and he took a look at it and took it to the back... He came back and before I saw the boot he said "this is the best I can do!" THE NASTY UGLY PERMEANT HAIR COLOR STAINS WERE Gone!!!! Completely gone!!!!  I am 100% beyond happy and thankful that Corey took the time to take a look and make my boots like BRAND NEW!!! Love this place , I will be back!!!!!!! Thank you thank you!

Ashley Y.
Dallas, Texas
Boot Repair

My first experience using this repair shop. I just loved Etta, she is fun and enthusiastic. I dropped two pair of boots off and they were repaired so quickly! The repairs made look wonderful. I will always use this store for all my future shoe repair needs. Yeah!

Corrie W.
Lake Worth, Texas
Boot Repair

Phenomenal work! They completely refurbished my Ferragamo dress shoes and made them look and feel brand new! I have used other services (such as Cartans) that were more expensive and much lower quality. My shoes will never go anywhere else but Cobblestone!!

Guy D.
Arlington, Texas
Men's Shoe Repair

I am really, really pleased with the service and quality of work I received here.  My wife and I both had shoes repaired and they turned out great.  The prices seem to be very reasonable.  I did have one pair of shoes come back that were having a problem.  I took them back in just over a week, and without any question they said they would make it right without any additional charges!  That is great customer service!  I am very happy with this business and will be back.

Travis P.
Fort Worth, Texas
Shoe Repair

I had three pairs of shoes repaired here recently. One was a pair of black, leather high heels.They replaced the cap that goes on the bottom of the heel (I don't know the technical name for this) and recolored the leather.
Another was a pair of brown leather riding boots. The soles of the shoes had started to come of. They replaced the soles and reconditioned the boots. They look like new boots!

The third was another pair of brown leather boots. My dog had licked the top of one of the boots until it had disintegrated. I was not sure what could be done to make these boots wearable again. I was very pleased with the results. They trimmed both of the boots down (about 1.5"-2" removed from original design.) They replicated the original curvy shape, and triple stitching. They are beautiful. I actually think I like them better like this than when I left the department store with them! I really appreciate the attention they paid to the detailing in the stitching.

When I dropped the boots off, I was told there would be 3 week turnaround on the boots. I was disappointed, because I wanted them for a special occasion. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I received a text stating they were ready, two weeks ahead of schedule.

I paid $150 for the repair of all three pairs. I'm not sure how Cobblestone's prices compare to other shoe hospitals in the area, but I felt this was a fair price for the quality of work that was performed.

Also, when I was there to pick up my shoes, the man working behind the counter repaired a gentleman's belt for a "donation" to a little jar.

Brooke W.
Fort Worth, Texas
Women's Shoe Repair

After moving back to Dallas from New York I needed our shoes repaired from the pounding they took on the streets of Manhattan. New heels, shining, and dye, my hubby kills his shoes!!! Just dropped off 2 pair of Prada and 1 pair of Feraggamo (sp?) and guess what? Cobblestone still had me in their system after 5 years!!! I used to come here all the time years ago and was glad I remembered where they were! Happy to be back and thrilled to pay Dallas Prices!!

Thanks for the great service Cory!

Blister C.
Dallas, Texas
Women's Shoe Repair

Excellent service! My husband and I have been coming here for a while and I am happy to say that they have always delivered. My husband bought a pair of cowboy boots online but were way to tight so he brought them in and Corey took it upon himself to fix them for him. I bring in my heels to get them stretch and repaired and always leave satisfied with their work. Thanks Corey for the great customer service. We will be back!! Bring your shoes in guys, you won't be disappointed!!

Lina M.
Dallas, Texas
Men's & Women's Shoe Repair