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About Us

This is not your grandfathers shoe repair company.  Well, actually it is.  And it was your great grandfathers, too.  Starting from a single horse drawn carriage in Houston over 105 years ago, our repair services continue to expand and adapt to the changing needs of our customers. With locations in Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, we are the largest and most recognized shoe repair company in the world. So, before you go buy uncomfortable new shoes, bring your favorite footwear to the Cobblestone Shoe Hospital and let us bring back that "new shoe" look, while keeping the same "broke-in" feel! And if you can't get to one of our our stores, no worries! Visit our mail-order shoe repair site MYSHOEHOSPITAL.com and get our unmatched repair services brought to your doorstep!

In our continual effort to make our world a cleaner, safer, and healthier place, we think repairing and recycling old shoes is a great way to help in this cause.  Shoe repair uses far less natural resources and energy than it does to make new shoes, and does not produce harmful pollution in the air or in our landfills. When you utilize shoe and boot repair services,  not only do you save money, you save the environment!

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